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Speech Therapy at MSSC

At Miami Speech & Swallowing Center (MSSC) , we are focused on providing evidence-based speech therapy services. We provide advanced technology including VitalStim swallow therapy in order to provide the best speech and swallowing therapy services to all ages and diagnoses. At MSSC, we provide individualized care to meet the individualized needs of our patients. Our mission is to assist patients with speech, cognitive and physiological impairments along the course of treatment in order to reach their maximum potential. We believe in family education, teach-back and encourage families to participate in the speech therapy treatment sessions for effective carryover.

Additionally, we have complimentary valet parking, two patient/family waiting rooms, a family conference room and are conveniently located directly off the turnpike heading west on SW 8th street next to Florida International University (FIU). We offer bilingual services and welcome new patients.

We offer the following services:

-swallow therapy (VitalStim Therapy)

-cognitive therapy

-apraxia therapy

-voice therapy

-aphasia therapy

-dysarthria therapy

-fluency therapy

-oral-motor therapy

-speech therapy

-articulation therapy

-phonological process disorder therapy

-central auditory processing therapy (CAPD_

Why us?

Kenneth is a medical Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of clinical experience. He was a member of the Craniofacial Team and Feeding/Swallowing Team at Miami Children's Hospital. Kenneth was the Director of Therapy Operations at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami. Kenneth has co-authored multiple publications in journals of advanced medicine. Kenneth has advanced training in Swallowing Disorders, Voice Disorders, Postural Disorders and Neurogenic Disorders. 

Diane is a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of clinical experience. Diane has worked in the hospital setting, school setting and as a private practitioner working with children with developmental disabilities, and speech and language disorders and delays. Diane is a Certified Early Steps Provider.


We provide state of the art therapy using tools that have been proven efficacious to maximize our outcomes.

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