Miami Speech & Swallowing Center

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Miami Speech & Swallowing Center (MSSC) provides evidence-based speech therapy services  in the areas of swallowing therapy, aphasia  therapy, voice therapy, cognitive therapy and bilingual speech therapy.  Our outcomes make us the center of choice for the Miami community.  We offer advanced speech therapy services to the pediatric-adult populations. At MSSC we are focused on patient and family experiences as well as showcasing our patient outcomes.  We offer more than 20 years of experience providing speech therapy  to the neurogenic and pediatric populations as well as conducting and publishing research studies in the field of speech therapy.  We are family operated and family driven to meet the individual needs of the families we treat. MSSC is conveniently located off the turn pike, just west of FIU at 11890 SW 8th St. Suite 514 Miami, Fl. 33184.